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Do not get disturbed while in meetings or classes - this tweak adds the option to automatically enter Do Not Disturb mode when a calendar event starts, and to automatically exit DnD when the event ends. You can enable this for each calendar event separately; recurring events are also supported.

Calendar for Lockscreen

This tweak displays your upcoming calendar events on the lock screen, so you can easily see your schedule at a glance. The events will not disappear after unlocking or pulling Notification Center down (while other notifications, like missed calls and messages will still behave as before). Swiping right on an event will open it in Calendar app.

It is possible to set the number of days ahead to display, as well as the maximum number of events. You can change the text color, size and notification icon, and disable the wallpaper blur when the notifications are present on the lockscreen. It is also possible to show or hide the event location and the separator lines.

Volume Mixer

Volume Mixer Notification Center widget allows you to control the volume of each media channel & output separately, instead of being able to change it only when that channel is active (Ringer, Audio/Video for music, video and games, Phone Call, Bluetooth headset & headphones). You can display all of the controls in the NC at the same time, or choose to hide the ones you are not using.

Several skins are included, in addition to stock iOS look (which you can fully customize by changing colors of text, sliders and thumb grabbers).


DisturbPlease enhances Do Not Disturb mode by allowing you to get SMS/MMS/iMessage notifications for a selected group of contacts while DnD is active. Messages from contacts belonging to that group will play normal alerts (sound alert, and screen will turn on), even during DnD mode.

You can also choose the weekdays when scheduled DnD will be enabled or disabled (in stock iOS all weekdays are enabled, and you cannot choose on which days it should be enabled or disabled). If you disable scheduled DnD start for a certain weekday, your device will not enter DnD mode at the scheduled time, but it will still exit DnD mode automatically when DnD is scheduled to end (if you have manually enabled it in the meantime).

Reminders for Lockscreen

Display your reminders on the lockscreen with this tweak, and have them in front of you at all times. The reminders will be seamlessly integrated in the lockscreen notifications system, so you can use this tweak along most other lockscreen customizations. Swiping right on a reminder will open either the default Reminders app or any other app you choose.

You can fully customize the behaviour and look & feel: number of reminders to display, should it display reminder location, separator lines, reminder priority. Text size and color of all reminder elements and the icon style is also customizable. The wallpaper blur can be disabled when the reminders are present on the lockscreen.

It is compatible with Calendar for Lockscren tweak, so you can use both at the same time, and choose the order of the displayed notifications (reminders, calendar events and all other notifications).


BetterNF adds new features to the official Netflix app to enhance its usability and your comfort. It enables displaying of IMDb and/or Rotten Tomatoes ratings for the selected movie/TV show, so you can easily see if the selected item is worth watching or not. It is possible to display one or more of: IMDb user rating, Tomato Meter (critics rating) and Tomato User Meter (user rating).

Ever wondered if you are getting the optimal stream quality for your Internet connection? Is your ISP too congested for Netflix to work with its maximum potential? Want to see how much data you are downloading while watching movies? Enable streaming statistics option and see the exact details of the stream you are getting: current stream resolution, currently buffered (downloaded) stream quality (e.g. 480p HQ 1750 kbps, or 1080p Super HD 5800 kbps) and the amount of data downloaded in the current movie viewing session (e.g. 520 MB).

QuickReplier for Viber

With QuickReplier for Viber, you can easily reply to Viber messages without having to open Viber app, whether you receive the message notification on lockscreen, in Notification Center or in some other app. Single and group conversations are supported, as well as sending pictures.

LockClock Antique

Make your lockscreen unique with this beautiful antique clock with animated hours, minutes and seconds. The accompanying battery gauge will display your current charge level in a stylish way. Also included is a retro-styled month and day calendar.

Calendar for NC

Calendar for NC displays multiple days/events from your calendar in Notification Center All view, fully customizable to your preferences. It is possible to set the number of days ahead to display, as well as the maximum number of events. You can change the text color, size and notification icon, show or hide the event location and the separator lines between the events. Swiping right on an event will open it either in Calendar app, or in an app you choose.

Flip Clock 7

A beautiful animated flip clock widget for the lockscreen and Notification Center. The clock displays the current time (in 24 or 12-hour formats) with running seconds, as well as day and date. It is possible to fully customize the look and feel of the clock.

(free for the customers of the previous version, "Flip Clock for Notification Center")

Ringing Pocket

Increase the ringing volume of the incoming calls if your phone is in your pocket, bag, backpack... You can choose how loud should the phone ring while inside a pocket, should it become loud immediately or after a couple of rings and if the volume should be increased if the phone is in the horizontal position (e.g. on a nightstand).


Secretary reads you the number of missed calls, unread messages (including their content) and calendar notifications when you connect your BT headset/car kit or wired headphones. In addition to that, it will read you all new messages received, either over the headset or over the phone speaker. No more fishing for your phone while driving to read an incoming message or to check if you missed some notifications while you were outside.